China In Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 20)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
January 20, 2023China in Focus

A new year, a new surge? People across Asia are celebrating the Lunar New Year, and in China, many are traveling to see loved ones for the first time in years. But what about the virus? Officials are telling people not to report what they see back home in rural areas. But why is that, especially after Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping’s comments about seeing the “light ahead” in terms of the virus surge? At the same time, China’s own top official has warned that this might not be the only virus surge China will face off against. Has COVID-19 peaked in China?

Topics in this episode:

  1. ‘Three Waves in Three Months’: Chinese Official on COVID-19
  2. Millions of Chinese Rush Home for New Year
  3. U.S. Companies Push Biden to Lift China Tariffs
  4. China to Launch State-Owned Transportation App
  5. Taiwanese Women to Join Military Reserve for First Time
  6. France: Europe Doesn’t Oppose China Like the U.S.
  7. Chinese Embassy in Lisbon Adjusts Surveillance Cams
  8. ‘Joy or Woe?’: Economists on China’s Reopening
  9. China Impacts U.S. Defense Dept. Via Lobbying: Rex Lee
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