China In Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 3)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
January 3, 2023China in Focus

Protests spark in China for New Year’s—this time over restrictions on how people can celebrate.

Funeral homes in Shanghai are overwhelmed by China’s COVID-19 surge. But some scalpers are profiting off the situation.

Despite the virus spread, some Chinese citizens in major cities are attempting to return to normalcy.

More countries are placing restrictions on travelers from China. Beijing is issuing a threat toward nations imposing the curbs.

Are the United States and South Korea holding nuclear talks? Both countries’ leaders are giving seemingly contradictory answers.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Thousands Protest on New Year’s Eve, Day in China
  2. Shanghai Funeral Scalpers Profit Off COVID-19 Spike
  3. Spike in Deaths Among Senior CCP-Linked Experts
  4. Chinese Citizens Try for Normalcy Amid COVID-19
  5. UK: No Quarantine for COVID-19 Arrivals from China
  6. Beijing Decries ‘Political’ Curbs on China Travelers
  7. EU Offers Free COVID-19 Vaccines to China
  8. South Korea, U.S. in Talks Over Nuclear Planning
  9. China Funded Startups in Silicon Valley: Fleming
  10. Expert on Free World Vs. Totalitarian Communist Regimes
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