China in Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 4)

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
January 4, 2023China in Focus

A pattern from Wuhan is now emerging again out of China’s massive outbreak. COVID-19 patients’ lungs are turning partially white on CT scans.

More makeshift crematories in Beijing are under construction to cope with overcrowded funeral homes.

China’s COVID-19 outbreak is attracting global attention in 2023. Are new variants likely to emerge? We sat down with three experts to find out.

NASA’s chief is sending out a warning that Beijing could try to claim part of the moon’s territory, if it wins the new space race against Washington.

A former General Electric engineer in New York is facing a two-year prison sentence for conspiring to steal trade secrets for China, as well as a fine.

Topics in this episode:

  1. ‘White Lung’ Phenomenon Among China’s COVID-19 Spike
  2. Too Many Corpses: China’s New Cremation Campaign
  3. Beijing Citizen Denounces Official China Death Rate
  4. World Health Organization: China’s COVID-19 Data Not Credible
  5. China Lashes Out at Countries’ Travel Restrictions
  6. S. Korea Tests Chinese Travelers, One Goes Missing
  7. Japan Toughens Border Control for China Travelers
  8. NASA Chief: China Could Claim Moon Territory If It Wins New ‘Space Race’ with the U.S.
  9. Man Sentenced: Plotting to Steal General Electric Secrets for China
  10. Tennis: WTA’s Return to China Depends on Peng Case
  11. Chinese Influence Within the United Nations: Rogers
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