China in Focus Full Broadcast (July 10)

The United States is moving to close a loophole in trade. President Joe Biden announced tariffs on Chinese metal coming in through Mexico.

On day two of the NATO summit in Washington, what did allies unveil about their plans to support Ukraine, and why has China “become a decisive enabler of Russia’s war effort”?

Washington’s new top envoy to Taiwan is meeting with the island’s president. What’s his message amid looming China threats?

A new round of flooding hits a major metropolis in southwestern China, triggering landslides and flooding streets.

  1. Biden Imposes Tariffs on Chinese Metal Entering Via Mexico
  2. U.S. Names 3 Priorities in Forced Labor Enforcement
  3. Biden Warns China and Russia
  4. China Drills with Belarus Aimed at Nato Border
  5. China Investigates 17,000 Corrupt Officials in May
  6. Is China’s Corruption Crackdown Really Sincere?
  7. New U.S. Envoy to Taiwan Meets the Island’s President
  8. China’s Chongqing Hit by Largest Flood This Year
  9. China Eyes Lending Billions in Loans to Bangladesh
  10. New GOP Platform Targets China’s Trade Status
  11. China Leads Generative AI Patent Race: UN Report
  12. China’s Manufacturing Sector Decline Continues