China In Focus Full Broadcast (July 10)

Six people were killed in a stabbing at a Chinese kindergarten. What’s behind the country’s recent series of attacks?

Also on the schoolyard, war-training boot camps are finding their way into Chinese kindergartens this summer.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is vowing to end China’s Most Favored Nation Status, if he gets elected president.

China’s leader is meeting with a Russian lawmaker, while President Joe Biden is on his way to the NATO summit. Where does the world’s most powerful military alliance stand on Taiwan?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s visit to China raised eyebrows, when she bowed multiple times to the country’s vice premier.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Man Fatally Stabs Six in Chinese Kindergarten
  2. Boot Camps Prepare Chinese Kindergarteners to Fight
  3. NATO: Taiwan Is Not Our Responsibility
  4. Revoking China’s Trade Status: DeSantis in Favor
  5. Treasury Secretary Returns from China
  6. Backlash Over Yellen’s Bows to CCP Official in Beijing
  7. Outdoor Work in Beijing Halted Amid Scorching Temps
  8. Rating Students’ Looks? China Detains Man for Website
  9. Alibaba, Tencent Shares Buoyed by Hopes That China’s Tech Crackdown Is Over
  10. ‘Image to Reinforce China Is the New Power’: Pelson on Yellen’s Bows to CCP Official in Beijing
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