China in Focus Full Broadcast (July 12)

A Chinese hacking group foils Microsoft security, targeting the U.S. government in what’s being called an intel gathering scheme.

A statement from NATO sparks Beijing’s anger. Lashing out on day two of a major summit, China sent over 30 fighter jets flying near Taiwan.

Police in Hong Kong raid the family home of an exiled pro-democracy activist.

And struggling under U.S. sanctions, China’s Huawei is preparing a return to the global 5G smartphone market.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China-Based Hackers Breach U.S. Government Email Accounts
  2. Beijing Lashes Out at NATO Over Statement
  3. Bulgari Apologizes to China Over Taiwan Listing
  4. Kremlin Says Putin Trip to China Is ‘On the Agenda’
  5. Family of Exiled Activist Nathan Law Questioned in Hong Kong
  6. China Successfully Launches First Methane-Liquid Rocket
  7. Huawei Eyes Return to 5G Phones Despite U.S. Ban
  8. McCarthy: Economic Reform ‘Incompatible’ with Xi’s Vision for Running China
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