China In Focus Full Broadcast (July 13)

Companies buoying China’s oppression: beware. A 12-year-old lawsuit against tech firm Cisco has now been revived by a California court.

China’s exports are hitting a record decline. As its economy spirals, will the crisis reach the United States?

Tens of thousands have been evacuated. A bridge was caught overflowing with water. Severe floods are soaking regions across China.

An unusual U.S.–China meeting takes place at the Pentagon. Is Beijing finally ready to address the silence between two of the world’s strongest militaries?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Revived Lawsuit Links Cisco to CCP Persecution
  2. Lawmakers Probe U.S. Companies’ China Ties; Examine Complicity in China’s Human Rights Abuses
  3. China Sees Biggest Exports Decline in Over Three Years
  4. China’s Ambassador Meets U.S. Defense Official for Talks on Lack of Military Communication
  5. Wanted Hong Kong Activist Fears for Safety Hopes for U.S. Asylum
  6. Chinese Court Rejects Divorce Plea from Mother of Six Amid CCP Pressure to Boost Birthrate
  7. U.S. Takes on China in Undersea Cable War: Report
  8. China Evacuates 40,000 People Amid Severe Flooding
  9. Beijing Gaining Influence in Suez Region: Copley
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