China in Focus Full Broadcast (July 1)

A dramatic rescue takes place as record flooding hits southern China. A whopping 98 rivers have swelled past their warning levels, and the water is still rising. Officials say the situation will soon get worse.

Does the U.S. Defense Department know where its money has gone? A report is saying no and that the agency failed to keep adequate track of its funds going to Chinese research labs. Some of those labs are home to high-risk forms of virus research.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is doubling down on the China threat. He’s calling out Beijing’s biggest infrastructure outreach project: the Belt and Road Initiative.

A Chinese rocket was mistakenly launched over the weekend—ending in a crash, plus an explosion that sparked a fire.

  1. 98 Chinese Rivers Surge Above Flood Warning Levels
  2. Is the Pentagon Funding Dangerous Research in China?
  3. Blinken: CCP Fuels Security Threat Against Europe
  4. Chinese Rocket Accidentally Launches Then Crashes
  5. China Vehicle Crash on Moon Would Be Disastrous: Fisher
  6. Beijing to Start Spot-Checking E-Devices on Border
  7. 17-Year-Old Badminton Player Dies After Collapsing on Court
  8. Empty Shopping Malls Spotted Across China
  9. Watchdog Suit Against Binance Can Proceed
  10. North Korea Launches 2 Missiles, 1 Failed
  11. N. Koreans Are Seen Wearing Kim Jong Un Pins