China In Focus Full Broadcast (July 24)

The CIA is working to rebuild its network of spies in China after Beijing caught and killed many of its agents a decade ago. As China vows countermeasures, will the agency pull it off this time?

Streets lie vacant and sirens sound across northern Taiwan. A half-hour evacuation drill aims to prepare residents for natural disasters, or a possible Chinese attack.

In a show of force and unity aimed at China, the largest-ever joint military training between Washington and Canberra is underway in Australia.

Does America’s Indo-Pacific strategy impact world dynamics? What role does Beijing play? We hear from two Washington officials.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Beijing Hits Back at CIA Chief’s Remark on Re-Building Spy Network in China
  2. Taiwan Holds Air Raid Attack Evacuation Drill
  3. U.S. Focusing on Allies in Indo-Pacific
  4. Japan Develops New EV Motor; Aims to Cut Rare-Earth Dependence on China
  5. Australia Blocks China’s Takeover of Lithium Mine
  6. U.S., Australia Begin ‘Largest-Ever’ Bilateral Drill
  7. $6.6B Deal: Australia to Buy 20 U.S.-Made Planes
  8. ‘Unrestricted Hybrid Warfare:’ Lee on China’s Use of AI to Wage War on the West
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