China in Focus Full Broadcast (July 26)

A pro-Beijing disinformation campaign hits a new high, with a report saying it targeted Americans directly from Times Square and staged protests in Washington, D.C.

The Stop Chinese Fentanyl Act of 2023 passed the House. The bill looks to sanction Chinese officials for their role in getting illegal drugs onto U.S. soil.

TikTok is getting more ambitious than ever. The platform just released a Chinese e-shop, painted as a new rival to online shopping giants SHEIN and Temu.

Beijing is sending enough military equipment to Russia to gear up an army. What’s China’s role in the 17-month Ukraine invasion?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Beijing Propaganda Spread Via U.S. News Sites: Report
  2. China Scrubs Ousted Foreign Minister Qin Gang from Web
  3. House Passes ‘Stop Chinese Fentanyl Act of 2023’
  4. Fiji Leader Cancels Trip to China After Minor Injury
  5. UK’s MI6 Takes Aim at China Support to Russia War
  6. TikTok Kicks Off Text-Only Posts Rivaling Elon Musk’s Twitter Re-Brand
  7. TikTok to Launch Platform to Sell Chinese Goods: Report
  8. Restaurant Eating Contests Made Criminal? Chinese Authorities Enforce ‘Anti-Food Waste’ Law
  9. Rep. Ken Buck Talks America’s Advantage Over China in Naval Warfare
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