China In Focus Full Broadcast (July 28)

Hunter Biden says he got $600 million from a company linked to China. How is the White House responding?

Is China moving closer to a military foothold in the South China Sea? And how could those efforts give Beijing a leg up as it grapples with the United States? Satellite images reveal the story.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warns about China’s “problematic behavior” in the Indo-Pacific while speaking to the press in Tonga, as the United States races to expand its presence there.

Beijing is an Indo-Pacific bully, according to America’s defense chief.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Hunter Biden Admits Receiving Money from Chinese Firm
  2. Chinese Upgrade of Cambodian Naval Base near Complete
  3. China Looks to Increase Its Naval Bases: Report
  4. China Tops Agenda as Biden Meets Italian Leader
  5. Sec. Blinken on China’s ‘Problematic Behavior’ While Visiting Tonga for U.S. Embassy Opening
  6. U.S., Australia Defense Chiefs Meet for Talks on Countering China’s ‘Bullying’
  7. China Likely Offers Military Aid to Russia: Report
  8. Russia, China Watch North Korea’s Military Parade
  9. Hong Kong Is a Firewall That Protects China: Former Apple Daily Columnist
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