China In Focus Full Broadcast (July 6)

“Dare to fight”: Xi Jinping tells the Chinese military to deepen its war planning.

The second U.S. cabinet official to visit China in a month, Treasury Secretary Yellen is kicking off a trip to Beijing on Thursday.

Beijing takes a new swipe at Washington, telling Japan and South Korea, “You can never become a Westerner.”

Hong Kong: “Pearl of the Orient” or a “place of nightmares?” Five arrests took place in two days, all charged with aiding dissidents abroad.

And eight overseas activists are wanted by Hong Kong police.

Topics in this episode:

  1. ‘Dare to Fight’: Xi Jinping Tells Military to Deepen War Planning
  2. Yellen Trip Aims at ‘New Normal’ with Beijing
  3. ‘You Can Never Become a Westerner:’ Beijing Official Urges Japan, S. Korea to Side with China
  4. Five Arrested in Hong Kong for Allegedly Aiding Dissidents
  5. Hong Kong Activists Wanted by China Stand Firm Amid Warrants
  6. How Communist China Exploits the UN’s FAO: Report
  7. Death, Injuries Amid China Forced Demolition Incident
  8. ‘The CCP Is Aware of Its Own Mortality’: Copley on Yellen’s Trip, ‘Inevitable’ Fall of the CCP
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