China in Focus Full Broadcast (July 8)

As flooding batters China, the embankment guarding China’s second largest freshwater lake has an emergency breach. Plus, villagers were seen banding together to rescue a 90-year-old.

A glue factory explosion rocks Southern China and was caught on camera. The cause of the incident is now under investigation.

Reporting to Beijing, gathering intel, and spreading propaganda—Chinese Communist Party members say they’re still living under the regime’s shadow, even after moving to the other side of the world and putting down roots in the United States. We take a look at the impacts on American soil.

In a counterpunch against Beijing’s aggression, Japan and the Philippines sign a landmark defense pact as China ramps ups its pressure on Manila.

  1. Floods Break Dam at China’s Second Largest Freshwater Lake
  2. Factory Explosion Strikes Guangdong, China
  3. NATO Leaders to Meet in DC for 75th Anniversary Summit
  4. Beijing Tightens Control Over CCP Members in the U.S.
  5. Philippines, Japan Sign Defense Pact to Counter China
  6. Japan to Take on Global Leadership Role: Chou
  7. U.S. Failed to Support Philippines Facing China: Newsham
  8. Hungary Leader Meets China’s Xi Over Ukraine Peace Plan
  9. CCP Vows Zero Unemployment, Using COVID-Era Rhetoric