China in Focus Full Broadcast (July 9)

A Chinese student pleads guilty to spying. Prosecutors said he used a drone to snap photos of sensitive naval vessels in a U.S. military base that are still under construction.

The world’s biggest military alliance kicks off its summit. NATO and its Asian partners appear more united than ever when it comes to countering the Chinese Communist Party.

As the United States and its defense allies meet in Washington, India’s leader speaks with Russia’s president. How are the United States and Kyiv reacting?

The public gets its first glimpse of a pair of iconic panda bears in San Diego, but how do the animals play into Beijing’s diplomatic strategies?

  1. Chinese Student Pleads Guilty to Espionage Charges
  2. U.S. Scrutinizes Land Deals Near Military Sites
  3. S. Korea Warns NATO of Russia-N. Korea Threat
  4. U.S., Ukraine Concerned About India-Russia Meetings
  5. Speaker Johnson: China-Led Axis Threatens the U.S.
  6. Pandas in San Diego Offer Hints About U.S.-China Ties
  7. China Uses Pandas to Reward, Punish Countries: Corr
  8. COVID-19 Cost the U.S. $18 Trillion: Investigation
  9. Australia Says Chinese Hackers Behind Cyber Crimes
  10. China Seals Off Breach at Major Embankment
  11. N. Korean Defectors Share Stories on Capitol Hill
  12. Cooking Oil Tankers Found to Be Contaminated