China in Focus Full Broadcast (June 11)

Four American teachers have been stabbed in China. Here’s what we learned about how it happened and how they’re doing.

The head of America’s Indo-Pacific force has a plan to deter China’s invasion of Taiwan no matter when it could happen. We have details on how the U.S. “Hellscape” plan could play out.

A sea of protesters floods the streets of the Philippines’ capital, all converging on one destination: the Chinese consulate.

A Chinese spy who defected tells all about his orders from the Chinese regime. He gives an insider account of how Beijing hires agents to hunt down dissidents outside its borders.

  1. Four U.S. College Instructors Stabbed in China
  2. Taiwan Arrests Chinese Ex-Navy Captain for Trespassing
  3. U.S. ‘Hellscape’ Plan to Deter Invasion of Taiwan
  4. Hundreds Protest in Manila Against Chinese Aggression
  5. Former Spy Reveals Plot Against Spiritual Practitioner
  6. Virginia Gov. Urges Defense Department to Buy Domestic Solar Cells
  7. What Happens to Migrants When Entry Limit Is Reached?
  8. Senate Panel Probes Bmw for Use of Banned Chinese Parts
  9. Tesla Secures Mapping Services with China’s Baidu
  10. ‘Ghost Villages’ Left Behind as China Vows Urbanization
  11. Why a British Judge Quit Hong Kong’s Top Court