China in Focus Full Broadcast (June 12)

Google’s AI chatbot appears to return a mirror image of Chinese propaganda in some of its Chinese-language answers. We asked Gemini some questions about topics Beijing considers sensitive.

Higher tariffs are being imposed on Chinese-made electric vehicles. The European Union just announced the tax hike following Washington’s heightened tariffs on Chinese EVs.

Six passports were canceled. Hong Kong is taking unprecedented action against overseas activists under the city’s newly expanded national security law.

Streets in Amsterdam are getting a makeover. The city plans to bid farewell to more than 1,200 Chinese-made cameras, used to monitor everything from traffic to public spaces.

  1. Pro-CCP Talking Points Appear in Google AI Bot Replies
  2. President Biden Heads to Italy for G7 Summit
  3. EU to Hit China’s EV Exports with Higher Tariffs
  4. Will Chinese Retaliation Hurt EU Pork Exports?
  5. U.S. Survivor Speaks Out: Knife Attack in China
  6. Hong Kong Cancels Passports of 6 Overseas Activists
  7. Dutch Capital to Remove 1,280 Chinese CCTV Cameras
  8. 2 Men Jailed: Plan to Sell Iranian Oil to China
  9. Nvidia, AMD Launch Next Gen AI Microchips in Taiwan
  10. NTD Organizes 3 Prestigious Competitions