China in Focus Full Broadcast (June 13)

Washington is dramatically broadening sanctions on Russia, targeting more than 300 individuals and entities including China-based companies selling semiconductors to Moscow.

A Washington advisory body warns that China is stockpiling resources, potentially for an all-out war. But is the regime self-sufficient enough for a wartime scenario?

The U.S. government’s email provider, Microsoft, testifies in the House, following a major cyberattack that exposed the emails of top U.S. officials to China.

China is moving to protect water and food production in its northern regions, as the area endures record heat and drought conditions.

  1. New U.S. Sanctions to Target China, Russia
  2. Panel: China Stockpiles for Competition, Conflict
  3. CCP Leadership Is the ‘Actual Problem’: Expert
  4. Lawmakers Flag CCP Narrative in Google AI Bot Replies
  5. San Fransisco Greenlights $25M Fundraiser for New Pandas
  6. Microsoft President Testifies Amid Cybersecurity Threats
  7. Northern China Hit by Record Heat, Drought
  8. China, New Zealand Deepen Trade Amid Concerns
  9. NATO: Adapting Nuclear Arsenal to Security Threats
  10. China Urges Evergrande EV Unit to Repay Subsidies