China in Focus Full Broadcast (June 17)

Warren Buffett’s company is selling off more of its stake in Chinese carmaker BYD. The latest move brings the holding company’s total offload to more than 60 percent.

A new report says China is racing ahead in the nuclear energy race. We take a look at some of the numbers and what they mean.

China says it’s investigating European pork imports. That probe comes in retaliation for the European Union imposing tariffs on Chinese-made electric cars.

Chinese officials appeared to block an Australian journalist’s view during the Chinese premier’s visit. The journalist had spent three years in a Chinese prison, when relations between the two countries soured.

  1. Warren Buffet Is Unloading More BYD Stock
  2. U.S. Up to 15 Years Behind China on Nuclear Power: Report
  3. Pentagon Says It Won’t Buy Solar Cells from China
  4. China Opens Retaliatory Investigation of EU Pork
  5. World Leaders Joins Ukraine Peace Summit
  6. Australia, China to Boost Defense Communications
  7. Protesters Oppose Chinese Premier’s Visit to Australia
  8. China Officials Try Block Formerly Detained Journalist?
  9. Philippines, China, Debate Blame for for Ship Collision
  10. ‘All Americans’ Should Demand Anti-CCP Strategy: Good
  11. Son in Germany Urges China to Stop Persecution
  12. FAA Probes Boeing Over Fake Titanium Quality Docs
  13. UK’s MI5 Issues Chinese Spy Alert