China in Focus Full Broadcast (June 18)

Millionaires are still fleeing China. A new report says the country is set to lose over 15,000 of the ultra-wealthy this year.

Temu’s China parent has been found hiring a group of former officials who worked for the Chinese Communist Party. We have more on the international concerns about the app.

A crackdown in China is sparking outrage in Washington. Officials are condemning what they call the “unjust” sentencing of two activists, including a #MeToo journalist.

President Joe Biden is expected to sign a bipartisan bill reaffirming Tibetan rights. The update comes from a delegation of lawmakers.

  1. China on Track to Lose 15K Millionaires in 2024: Report
  2. Ex-Chinese Officials Hired by Temu Parent Company
  3. Court to Hear Challenges to Possible TikTok Ban Sept. 16
  4. State Dept. Condemns China’s Sentencing of Activists
  5. Chinese Nuclear-Armed Submarine Surfaces near Taiwan
  6. ‘Fix the Problem, Not the Situation’: Good on Taiwan
  7. U.S., India to Cooperate on Defense, Tech, Trade
  8. Rep. Says Biden to Sign Bill on Tibetan Rights
  9. Australia PM Toughens Language on Journalist Incident
  10. Heavy Rain Causes Floods, Landslides in China’s Fujian
  11. Adidas Probes Corruption Accusation in China
  12. Tesla to Fix Software in 5,800+ Cars in China
  13. China’s Property Investment Slump Worsens
  14. Kinmen: History and Hope on Taiwan’s Frontline Island