China in Focus Full Broadcast (June 20)

Heavy rains are pooling in Southern China, causing record-high floods and killing at least nine people. Many are still missing. Local reports reveal that artificial factors may be adding to the disaster.

In other parts of China, deadly heat waves are scorching cities, with some rural areas seeing 90 percent of their crops wilted and shriveled.

Green energy is high on President Joe Biden’s campaign agenda, but is the climate-conscious pursuit forcing the U.S. military to rely even more on China’s energy sector?

A new move to counter China’s dominance in critical minerals is coming from the House Select China Committee. Plus, we have more on why American weapons depend on Chinese rare earth elements.

  1. Southern China Hit by Record Flood, at Least 9 Dead
  2. More Extreme Weather Roils China: Heatwave
  3. U.S., China Hold Talks on Anti-Drug Cooperation
  4. Yellen Announces Actions Against Fentanyl
  5. Report: ‘Green Energy’ Increases U.S. Reliance on China
  6. House China Committee Forms Working Group on Minerals
  7. ‘Big Three’ U.S. Carmakers Losing China Market Share: Expert
  8. China Weighs in on Retaliatory Tariffs on European Cars
  9. Doctors Report Pay Cuts Across China
  10. Chinese Espionage Threatens Silicon Valley Firms
  11. EU Urges China Stop Human Rights Abuses