China in Focus Full Broadcast (June 21)

An online network is reportedly helping illegal Chinese immigrants cross into the United States. Its owner says he’s a cyber police officer in China.

Chinese AI has taken the image of a Ukrainian student and created a fake persona of a Russian woman—and the deepfake figure is spreading Chinese regime-backed talking points.

Delaware lawmakers are taking steps to counter forced organ harvesting in China. They passed a bill on Thursday to prevent Americans from unwittingly being involved in the murder of prisoners of conscience.

Cracked fields and withered crops are decimating livelihoods in China. Regions are going on two months without rain, and with no help from authorities in sight.

  1. Chat Group Helps Illegal Migrants Enter U.S.: Reporter
  2. Chinese AI Turns Ukrainian Youtuber into a Russian
  3. Why China, Russia Opt for Women in AI-Faked Videos
  4. Delaware House Condemns Organ Harvesting in China
  5. Cracked Fields Bring Chinese Farmer to Tears
  6. Flooding Kills at Least 47 in One City
  7. China Threatens Death Penalty, Taiwan Pushes Back
  8. S. Korea Reacts Strongly to Russia-N. Korea Pact
  9. Japan Sanctions Chinese Companies Over Russia
  10. Target of Russia-N. Korea Treaty Is China: Copley
  11. Sinkhole Appears After Collapse in South China