China In Focus Full Broadcast (June 26)

China is showing support for Russia, as it grapples with mutiny. The Wagner mercenary group revolted against Moscow’s military leadership over the weekend, but immediately pulled back its forces. Western countries are now suggesting the Kremlin is showing its weakness. But Chinese state-backed media say otherwise, saying that Western media frame a false image of a declining Russia. How will the aftermath impact the Beijing-Taiwan relationship?

Topics in this episode:

  1. China Maintains Support for Russia Despite Mutiny
  2. DOJ Charges Chinese Fentanyl Makers
  3. Temu, Shein Face Forced Labor Allegations
  4. Dutch Chip Giant to Face New Export Controls
  5. Software Sentenced Jailed: Breaking China’s Censorship
  6. CCP Agent or an Unwitting Pawn? Rogers on Ex-NYPD Officer’s Spying Scandal
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