China in Focus Full Broadcast (June 28)

China is ramping up its tech war with the United States. A Chinese company claims its product can outsmart ChatGPT. Where do the two superpowers stand in the battle for tech dominance? And how did American companies actually help Beijing’s rise?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Baidu Claims Its Bot Beats ChatGPT in Key Metrics
  2. Chinese AI Alerts Police to Banner Display
  3. U.S. ‘Asleep at the Wheel:’ Nikki Haley on China Threat
  4. Luxury Brand CEO Visits Beijing
  5. Backlash Over Influencer Tour of SHEIN China Factory
  6. How the Wagner Mutiny Exposed Risks for China
  7. Extreme Weather Destroys Farms in China
  8. Cuba ‘A Strategic Asset Being Weaponized by the CCP:’ Gaffney on the ‘Evil Empire’ in 21st Century
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