China In Focus Full Broadcast (June 2)

Chinese tourists, or spies? That’s what lawmakers are trying to find out after one group tried to breach a military base in Alaska.

Reports are saying a car blew past the security checkpoint of an Alaskan military base. The Chinese people in the vehicle said they were tourists that got lost.

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan is calling it another wakeup call, adding that this is a new era of authoritarian aggression led by dictators in China and Russia. This comes after the Chinese spy balloon entered the United States from Alaska.

Topics in this episode:

  1. ‘Another Wake-Up Call’: Senator Calls for Details on Alleged Breach at Alaska Military Base
  2. Pentagon Funds Missile Program at China-Linked University
  3. U.S. Top CEOs Flock to China Amid ‘De-Risking’ Call
  4. China ‘Firmly Deplores’ U.S.-Taiwan Trade Deal
  5. Canadian Pension Fund CDPQ Halts China Investment
  6. Tiananmen Square Museum Opens in NYC
  7. Former Judge Flees China Amid Crackdown on Dissent
  8. Report: U.S. Invested $800B in China Over Four Years

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