China In Focus Full Broadcast (June 5)

In a dangerous encounter at sea, a Chinese vessel cut in front of a U.S. warship, coming as close as 150 yards in the Taiwan Strait. But tensions are not limited to the region’s waterways. A Chinese fighter jet earlier cut in front of a U.S. aircraft’s nose mid-flight. The American plane’s cockpit shook under turbulence.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Close Call: Chinese Ship ‘Cuts Off’ U.S. Destroyer
  2. China Sinks U.S. Ship in War Game Stimulation?
  3. U.S. State Dept. Official Visits China Amid Tensions
  4. World Remembers Tiananmen Square Massacre
  5. 32 Hong Kong Protesters Detained on Tiananmen Anniversary
  6. Austin Visits India for Defense, Security Talks
  7. China, India Expel Each Other’s Journalists
  8. China Pulls Back Funding from Southeast Asia
  9. Newsham on Beijing’s ‘Near Misses’ with U.S. Navy

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