China In Focus Full Broadcast (June 8)

Is China getting closer to setting up a spy base in America’s backyard? The White House is responding after news broke that Cuba allegedly agreed to host a Chinese spy base just 100 miles from Florida. If realized, Beijing could tap the communications of many U.S. military bases and American ship traffic.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China Building Spy Base in Cuba: Report
  2. China Pushes ‘Hate Americans’ Education for Students
  3. China Opens Confucius Institute in Saudi Arabia
  4. China’s Grain Hoarding Hurts U.S. Food Supply
  5. TikTok Code Worked on from China: Report
  6. EU Agrees on New Move to Counter Economic Coercion
  7. 37 Chinese Warplanes Enter Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone
  8. Scientist Jailed for Baby Gene-Editing Back in the Lab
  9. Student Finds Rat-Like Object in Cafeteria Dish
  10. How China, U.S. Shape Up in AI Race: Thornebrooke

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