China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 10)

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has secured his third term, making him the first to hold the position for this long since Mao Zedong. He faced zero competition, with zero votes against him. Plus, he stacked his cabinet full of his loyalists. With growing scrutiny on him, Xi Jinping is now lashing out at the United States, naming Washington in a rare show of directness. But is it all for show, to bolster nationalist pride inside China? Or is this a foreshadowing of what’s to come? And how will it impact Taiwan?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Xi Jinping Secures Third Term as Chinese Leader
  2. Beijing Strengthens Grip on Power Via New Changes
  3. NYPD Officer Threatens U.S. Resident on TikTok
  4. DOD: Russia Supplying Chinese With Nuclear Weapons Fuel
  5. Shedding Light on CCP Threats to the Homeland
  6. U.S. Seeks No China ‘Decoupling’: Commerce Sec.
  7. Dutch to Restrict Microchip Tech Exports to China
  8. U.S., Thai Soldiers End Major Drill with Live Fire
  9. China’s True COVID-19 Deaths Could Reach 36x Official Estimate: Calhoun
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