China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 11)

Beijing says its doors are open to foreign investment. But do its actions match its words?

In a video that went viral over the weekend, a Chinese national is seen trying to break into the residence of the Chinese Communist Party’s top leader during Beijing’s most important political meetings of the year.

A TikTok bill is headed for a House vote later this week, and President Joe Biden said he’ll pass it if Congress does—but former President Donald Trump says he’s against the move.

Harvard student organizations are shedding light on crimes happening in today’s communist China. Experts say organ transplant tourism signs death sentences for prisoners of conscience.

  1. China Tightens Security, Tries to Attract Foreign Money
  2. Attempted Break-In at Chinese Leader’s Residence
  3. China Passes Law Granting CCP More Cabinet Control
  4. Biden to Sign the Tiktok Bill If House Passes It
  5. U.S. Should Ban TikTok Anyway: Fleming
  6. Raimondo Pledges More Investment to the Philippines
  7. Harvard Student Organization Spotlights Organ Crimes in China
  8. Iran Can’t Go Against Israel Without China: Gordon Chang
  9. Taiwan: China Trying to Normalize Nearby Drills
  10. China Vs. America: Biotech Battle
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