China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 20)

The world is watching closely, now that Chinese leader Xi Jinping touched down in Moscow for a meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Ukraine is on the table, as well as whether Xi Jinping can broker a ceasefire before the west. But on the backdrop of China’s reported weapons sales to Russia, questions arise. Will the meeting really call for peace? And what about the arrest warrant for Putin over alleged war crimes in Ukraine?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Xi & Putin: What the Three-Day Moscow Visit Means: Analysts
  2. EU Head of Foreign Policy: Putin Must Be Arrested
  3. Xi Jinping Calling for Peace? Copley on Xi-Putin Visit
  4. TikTok Sibling Capcut Sees Popularity Surge in U.S.
  5. A Deep Dive into ByteDance’s Ties to the CCP
  6. Former Taiwanese President to Visit China
  7. N. Korean Leader Calls for Nuclear Attack Readiness
  8. China’s Answer to ChatGPTt? Baidu Launches Ernie Bot
  9. TSMC Founder Supports U.S. Efforts in Slowing China’s Microchip Development
  10. Prestigious Western Institute Cuts Ties With China Lab
  11. W.H.O Accord Would Surrender U.S. Sovereignty: Gaffney