China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 22)

An FDA alert is telling all American hospitals to immediately stop using plastic syringes made in China, after reports of quality issues that could have fatal consequences.

U.S. water security is under threat. Officials warn that cyberattacks from China and Iran could impact clean drinking water.

India marks the grand opening of a new, strategic tunnel right next to its disputed border with China. Meanwhile, Washington makes a show of support.

Is China cashing in on America’s rare earth mining while U.S. taxpayers pick up the tab? The answer is “yes,” according to our guest. We have more on how the U.S. government’s green energy initiatives might just be greasing the wheels.

  1. FDA Asks Hospitals to Stop Using Chinese Syringes
  2. Hackers from China, Iran Attacking Water Systems: U.S.
  3. India Completes Tunnel Amid China Border Disputes
  4. Chinese Coast Guard Tried to Block Philippines
  5. China Benefits from U.S. Lithium Mining: Lee
  6. China’s SMIC May Have Violated U.S. Export Curbs: Official
  7. Liu: NYT Underreported the CCP’s Crimes
  8. House Panel: China’s Economic Coercion Growing
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