China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 24)

A top U.S. investigation firm has been raided in China. Due diligence company Mintz Group found itself raided and its staff seized by Chinese officials. The company has since closed its office there, adding it had received no warning or legal notice. All five staff members detained are Chinese nationals. This comes ahead of a big business summit in China, where the likes of Tim Cook and Ray Dalio will attend. But will raids like these scare away more foreign business from China?

Topics in this episode:

  1. U.S. Due Diligence Firm Raided in Beijing
  2. Is Vanguard Investment Group Exiting China?
  3. China Fines Deloitte $31M, Pushes to Abandon ‘Big Four’
  4. Gen Z Would ‘Riot’: Youth on TikTok Ban
  5. ‘Moms Against TikTok’ Protest Outside Congress
  6. ‘CCP Can Demand Silence from Those They Request Info From’: Thornebrooke
  7. Air Force Commander Warns China on Taiwan Invasion
  8. U.S.-China Standoff in South China Sea Enters Day Two
  9. Philippines: 42 Chinese Ships Seen near Disputed Island
  10. Chinese Property Giant to Enter Restructuring Process
  11. ‘China Wants to Be the Leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’: Goldman
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