China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 25)

The Yemen-based Houthi terrorist group makes its first attack on a Chinese-owned ship—twice, with five missiles. This comes after the Houthis reportedly promised Russia and China safe passage through the Red Sea.

Grocery shoppers in New York, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma might want to pay extra attention next time they’re in the seafood section. A Chinese fish product appears to have made its way onto shelves without import permission. A federal agency sends out a warning.

From Intel to AMD, China is blocking the use of American computer chips. We have more on Chinese Communist Party guidelines being issued to its agencies.

Rumors surrounding Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis are trending. UK officials warn that foreign actors like China and Russia are behind a new disinformation campaign.

  1. Houthis Hit Chinese Ship with Missile in the Red Sea
  2. Illegal Chinese Fish Imports Seized in NY, PA, OK
  3. China Blocks U.S. Chips in State Computers: Report
  4. Biden Admin. Accuses Chinese Hackers of Targeting U.S.
  5. Chinese Battery Company Sues Michigan Over EV Site
  6. Rep. Moolenaar to Lead House China Committee in April
  7. UK Highlights China Cyber Threats
  8. UK: China Is Behind Slurs Against Princess of Wales
  9. Lawmakers, Activists Denounce Hong Kong Security Law
  10. Family Monitored After 13-Year-Old Son’s Murder: Video
  11. Powell: U.S. Troops on Taiwan’s Islands
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