China in Focus Full Broadcast (March 26)

An up to $10 million award for information that could help the FBI find seven Chinese hackers is being offered. The hackers allegedly breached email accounts belonging to millions of Americans. Among the targets are White House officials, 2020 presidential campaign staff members, and Western lawmakers.

China is filing a complaint against the United States at the World Trade Organization, that’s over what it calls Washington’s discriminatory rules on electric vehicles, but Beijing left out what prompted the U.S. move.

Chinese real estate giant Evergrande says it won’t continue with a U.S. plan to restructure its billions in debt. The company is closely rooted to the health of China’s economy and remains in crisis.

And the beauty of Classical Chinese dance—collides with bomb threats. We look at the latest escalation in an ongoing disruption campaign believed to be orchestrated by the Chinese regime against a New York-based arts company.

  1. FBI Offers Up to $10 Million for Info on Chinese Hackers
  2. New Zealand Raises Concerns with China About Cyber Attack
  3. China Files Complaint About U.S. EV Rule at World Trade Organization
  4. Chinese Cyber Attacks ‘A State Activity’: Gen. Spalding
  5. Evergrande Drops Debt Restructuring Plan in U.S.
  6. Three Bomb Threats Against NY-Based Performance This Month
  7. Shen Yun Targeted Repeatedly in Recent Weeks
  8. Seoul’s ‘Grave Concerns’ Over China Maritime Actions
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