China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 27)

The Chinese regime is pouring money into pumping out propaganda. It’s medium is legacy U.S. media, disguised as opinion pieces. China Daily’s ad inserts trace back to the Chinese Communist Party. Reports point to the millions spent ahead of U.S. elections, aiming to sway public opinion. Those ads highlight instances of China’s success in other countries and push policies that favor Beijing. From former President Donald Trump to the head of Britain’s intelligence agency, officials are sounding the alarm. What does this mean for democracy?

Topics in this episode:

  1. China Runs Propaganda in Major U.S. Newspapers
  2. China Ramps Up Bid to Influence U.S. Politics: Report
  3. House Speaker Mccarthy: TikTok Ban Bill Going Ahead
  4. U.S. TikTok Ban 90% Likely: Leading Research Firm
  5. Apple’s Tim Cook Meets Chinese Commerce Minister
  6. Jack Ma Returns to China, Calms Private Sector Fears
  7. China Confirms Detention of Japanese Citizen
  8. Honduras Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Recognizes Beijing
  9. Sanctions Drive Russians Toward Chinese Cars
  10. Australia Will Follow U.S. If China Invades Taiwan: Former Australian Defense Minister Andrews
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