China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 29)

Has China replicated Taiwan’s most critical streets in preparation for a future invasion? A satellite image reveals a training site constructed in a Chinese desert, bearing a striking resemblance to the streets of Taiwan’s capital city.

An online tutoring site linked to the Chinese regime is getting attention from U.S. officials. Florida’s education chief is warning public schools not to use it. Find out why.

Beijing is planning to invite over 50,000 U.S. teenagers to China in the next five years, with all expenses paid. But what’s really behind the generous offer?

Human rights violations at home and abroad—a leaked document reveals the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts in targeting a spiritual group outside its jurisdiction.

  1. Beijing Built Mock-Up of Taiwan Capital: Satellite
  2. Florida Warns Schools Over CCP-Linked Tutoring Site
  3. China Plans to Invite 50k U.S. Teens on Free Visits
  4. Leaked CCP Order Unveils Attempt to Export Repression
  5. Lawmaker Condemns False Bomb Threats Against Shen Yun
  6. Mass. to Pay $148M More to Chinese Train Maker
  7. Japan Has to ‘Beef Up’ Its Own Defense: Komori
  8. China Woos Foreign Investment with Red Carpet Welcome
  9. China Cancels Half a Million Tons of U.S. Wheat Orders
  10. China: More Partnership with Pakistan After Suicide Bomb
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