China in Focus Full Broadcast (March 29)

Taiwan’s president is in the United States, as China threatens to retaliate. The island’s president is not expected to meet with President Joe Biden, instead scheduled to see House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as the United States doesn’t have formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan. All this, while Taiwan’s former president makes a stop in China, saying to Communist Party officials: “we are all Chinese.”

Topics in this episode:

  1. Taiwan President’s U.S. Visit Unfolds Amid Warnings from China
  2. Taiwanese President’s Visit to the U.S. Is a Good Sign: Thornebrooke
  3. More U.S. Trade Restrictions on Chinese Firms
  4. State Department: China Coordinator Visited Beijing
  5. Zelensky Invites China’s Xi to Ukraine
  6. Taiwan, Czech Republic Strengthen Ties
  7. Taiwan Undersea Cables ‘Insecure Amid Tensions’ Provider: Matsu Damage Not Repaired
  8. U.S. to Pressure Ghana’s Creditors Including China
  9. Shein Accused of Exploiting Tax Loopholes
  10. Russia and China Combined Can Challenge U.S. in Space: Weichert
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