China in Focus Full Broadcast (March 6)

Don Ma
By Don Ma
March 6, 2024China in Focus

Tensions mount over a clash in the South China Sea. The U.S. issuing a statement supporting the Philippines, after a Chinese coast guard ships collided with Filipino boats.

A top executive from Goldman Sachs warns investors not to pour money into Chinese stocks right now. More on why.

A new effort on Capitol Hill targeting TikTok. A bill gives the social media app an ultimatum: separate from its Chinese parent company or risk getting banned.

And, more Chinese immigrants are illegally crossing the U.S. southern border than ever before. Last year’s numbers doubling the past decade combined. But how and why are they getting here?

  1. U.S. Stands with Philippines After Clash with China
  2. Goldman Sachs CIO: Shouldn’t Invest in China Right Now
  3. Senate Committee Okays Bill to Block Chinese Biotech
  4. House Lawmakers Unveil Bill Targeting TikTok
  5. Harrowing Journey of Illegal Chinese Immigrants to U.S.
  6. Netherlands Closes China Consulate
  7. U.S.-China Cold War ‘Reality of 21st Century’: Experts
  8. French ‘Spiderman’ Scales Tower to Support Philippines
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