China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 6)

Is China gearing up for war? While tensions between the mainland and democratic Taiwan have been brewing for decades, Beijing is ramping up its war footing—from increases in defense spending to China’s military upping its combat readiness, to defense mobilization offices opening across the country. Taiwan meanwhile is on alert for a sudden attack by China. Communist China sees Taiwan as part of its own territory, despite having never ruled the island. And Beijing hasn’t ruled out using force to achieve its goals.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Taiwan Warns of ‘Sudden Entry’ by China’s Army
  2. 104 Defense Mobilization Offices Set Up Across China
  3. Chinese City near Taiwan Strait Preparing for War?
  4. Army Ramps Up Munitions Production Amid Concerns
  5. Trump Pledges to Be Tough on China at CPAC
  6. Meet Xi Jinping’s New Cabinet Members
  7. Chinese Police Squash Homebuyer Protests Ahead of ‘Two Sessions’ Political Meeting
  8. Investor: Be Very Careful Investing in China
  9. How Is China Fueling the U.S. Drug Epidemic?
  10. Why Taiwan Is Critical for America: Newsham
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