China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 10)

Three American companies have been raided in as many months. Their China-based offices were targeted, as Beijing officials say China’s national security is involved. Those actions come under changes to Chinese spying law, and foreign business groups in the country are getting rattled.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China Consultancy Crackdown Rattles Foreign Firms
  2. Rockwell Faces Scrutiny Over China Operations
  3. Flying Cake, Shouted Slogans, Shareholder Questions: Volkswagen Defends China Record at Meeting
  4. Chinese City Returns to COVID-19 Testing, Sparks Panic
  5. New TikTok Ban Announced in Austria; Montana Passes Bill to Block App from Personal Devices
  6. Japan in Talks to Open NATO Office: Foreign Minster
  7. Italy Rethinks China’s Belt and Road Membership
  8. ‘De-Risking’ Ties with China: German Minister
  9. UK Makes First Ministerial Trip to Hong Kong Since 2018
  10. China Will Never Coexist with Any Other Nation: Fleming
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