China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 12)

A Chinese solar panel maker has been raided by Homeland Security. Officers exercised search warrants in the Golden and Sunshine states this week, but DHS is staying tight-lipped on the details. That’s alongside rising concerns over forced labor in Asia, where most U.S. solar gear comes from.

Topics in this episode:

  1. DHS Raids Chinese Solar Panel Maker in FL, CA
  2. Canadian Gov’t Compromised by China for Four Decades: Former Canadian Security Official on China Infiltration
  3. Canada Expels Chinese Diplomat Zhao Wei; Former Canadian Lawmaker, Human Rights Activists React
  4. Parade Celebrates 2023 World Falun Dafa Day in NYC
  5. G7 Weighs Reducing Reliance on China
  6. New Outbreak in China? 74% Caused by New Variant
  7. Chinese Scour Thailand for Homes, Looking to Offset Risks After Pandemic
  8. U.S.-China Policy Focus Should Be Religious Freedom: Turkel

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