China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 15)

U.S.–China decoupling appears to be speeding up on the biotech front. A new bill is moving one step forward in the House. How does Beijing’s ambition to collect American DNA play in?

TikTok users are filing a First Amendment suit against the U.S. government over a law that could ban the popular platform.

YouTube is moving to block a protest anthem inside Hong Kong to comply with a court order banning the song.

Filipino activists and fishermen are taking to sea in protest. Together, they’re sailing 100 small boats near a disputed shoal in the South China Sea. We take a look at the footage.

  1. House Advances Bill to Restrict Chinese Biotech
  2. U.S. Reliant on Chinese Medical Supplies: Expert
  3. Beijing Hits Back at Biden’s China Tariffs
  4. China’s BYD Unveils New Ev in Mexico as U.S. Hikes Tariffs
  5. Putin Backs China’s Peace Plan for Ukraine
  6. TikTok Users Sue Government Over Possible Ban
  7. Youtube Blocks Protest Song at Hong Kong’s Order
  8. 100 Filipino Boats Protest China at Disputed Shoal
  9. Huawei Revamps Stores, Signals Showdown with Apple
  10. CNN: China, Iran Made Deepfakes for 2020 Election
  11. Author: Will China Soon Control Both Musk and SpaceX?
  12. China Dominates Iraqi Oil Licensing Round
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