China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 15)

One Hong Kong-based U.S. citizen, nearly 80 years old and facing a life sentence, has just been convicted by a Chinese court. He was found guilty of spying and stripped of his political rights after heading off a number of pro-China groups overseas and visits with Beijing officials. It all started back in spring 2021, though few details are available.

Topics in this episode:

  1. 78-Year-Old U.S. Citizen Sentenced to Life by Chinese Court
  2. Beijing ‘Unaware’ of S. Korean Athlete Held in China
  3. Ex-NBA Star Hit with Backlash for Taiwan Promo
  4. Former Exec. Files Lawsuit Against ByteDance
  5. Germany Greenlights Hamburg Deal with China
  6. Chinese Graduates Struggle with Rising Unemployment
  7. Tortured in China for Practicing Falun Gong Engineer Smuggles Out Info, Finds New Life in Germany
  8. the Future of the Int’l Order: China Vs. America

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