China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 16)

More anti-Israel demonstrations take place at a California university. But is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lurking in the shadows? A new report sheds light on the CCP’s role in the unrest.

Leveling the playing field with Beijing, the Biden administration is imposing tariffs on certain kinds of solar panels imported from China.

A House hearing explores the growing cyber threat posed by communist China, from state-backed hacking to stealing advanced U.S. technology.

President Joe Biden will dispatch a special delegation to Taiwan as its new president takes office. The group consists of former U.S. officials and will visit Taipei “to represent the American people.”

  1. Report Links CCP to Anti-Israel Protests
  2. White House Promoting U.S. Solar Over Chinese Competition
  3. U.S. Blacklists 26 Chinese Firms: Forced Labor Fears
  4. House Panel Weighs in on CCP’s Cyber Threat
  5. Putin Thanks China for Peace Plan Favoring Moscow
  6. Haines Says CCP Has ‘Perfected’ Election Influence Tools
  7. The CCP Threat to the 2024 Election
  8. Non-Profit Funds Suspended Over Virus Research in China
  9. JPMorgan CEO Favors China Engagement: Report
  10. Bloomberg: Beijing May Buy Unsold Homes
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