China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 19)

Seven leaders from some of the globe’s most powerful nations met in Japan on Friday, seeking to reduce dependence on China while maintaining ties with the world’s second-largest economy. Many also are urging Beijing to use its influence for good, to bring the Russia-Ukraine conflict to a close.

Topics in this episode:

  1. G7 Summit: ‘Constructive Relations’ with China
  2. U.S. Delegation Visits London to Counter China
  3. China Hosts Central Asia Summit While U.s. Attends G7 Summit in Japan
  4. Factors Behind Resumed U.S.-China Talks: Experts
  5. Taiwan Appeals for Invite to Who Meeting
  6. UK Backs Out of Banning Confucius Institutes
  7. Persecution in China ‘Saddest Thing’: Former Surgeon
  8. China Has an Edge Over U.S. Naval Power: Expert

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