China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 1)

Billions of dollars are pouring out of China, as global investors lose confidence—a whopping $3.17 billion gone within five days. But what’s shaken investors’ confidence, especially amid China’s promises of opening up post-pandemic? This comes as tensions between the United States and China remain high—from Taiwan, to TikTok, to semiconductors.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Global Investors Pull $3.17B Out of China in Five Days
  2. China Expands Anti-Espionage Law; Foreign Businesses Beware: Expert
  3. Money Leaves China Through Illegal Paths: Pelson
  4. New Texas Bill to Address Foreign Farmland Buy-Ups; Bans Purchases by Citizens of Hostile Foreign Nations
  5. New Effort to Secure U.S. Data Amid TikTok Concerns
  6. Schools Hosting Confucius Institutes May Get Funds
  7. Film Raises Awareness About China’s Organ Harvesting; Delaware Residents React to the Crime
  8. China Sends Diplomat to Aid Russia, Ukraine Dialogue
  9. U.S. Condemns Dangerous China Maneuver; Chinese Ship’s near Collision with Philippine Vessel
  10. This Is Not Business as Usual with China: Pelson

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