China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 22)

Are tensions between the United States and China still on a downward spiral? Another company is getting caught in the crossfire, restricted over so-called national security concerns—but this time, it’s American, and Beijing’s Communist Party is doing the banning. Top chip maker Micron is now no longer allowed to sell semiconductors for use in Chinese infrastructure, after the United States imposed a series of export controls on chip-making technology to China.

Topics in this episode:

  1. U.S. Chipmaker Micron Banned in China
  2. U.S.-Based Forrester Research to Close China Office
  3. G7 Leaders Voice Concern on China, Beijing Fires Back
  4. Biden: Expecting U.S.-China Ties to Thaw ‘Shortly’
  5. UK Backs Out of Banning Confucius Institutes
  6. U.S., Papua New Guinea Sign New Defense Deal
  7. China Fines Comedy Firm $2M for Army Joke
  8. Severe Drought Dries Out Yunnan, China
  9. John Mills: G7 China Statement ‘Late in the Game’

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