China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 23)

Beijing is broadcasting the theories of Chinese regime leader Xi Jinping far and wide. Now, they’re bringing his words to a new medium: AI chatbots. But unlike other generative AI that make mistakes, the Xi-Bot is “always right.”

China is launching its biggest military drills in a year around Taiwan as a “strong punishment,” ramping up pressure on Taiwan’s new president just days after he took office.

Reports say one of the world’s top microchip companies—and its biggest buyer—could shut down their machines remotely, in case China invades Taiwan.

Leaders of South Korea, China, and Japan will meet next week in Seoul for their first three-way talks since 2019. What’s on the agenda?

  1. China Making AI Chatbot Based on CCP Leader’s Theory
  2. Chinese Regime Military Drills Encircle Taiwan
  3. New Taiwan Pres. Responds to China’s ‘Punishment’ Drills
  4. Chipmaker Could Disable Gear If CCP Invades Taiwan: Report
  5. Treasury Sec. Yellen Meets G7 Counterparts in Italy
  6. S. Korea, Japan, China to Meet After 4+ Years
  7. China, S. Korea, Japan Hold Meeting: Why Now?
  8. Shanghai Eases Data-Export Curbs After Tesla Lobbying
  9. House Panel Weighs Ccp’s Control Over Hong Kong
  10. Exiled Chinese Fight for Freedom in U.S.: Film Debut
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