China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 23)

The Energy Department is pulling a $200 million grant from battery company Microvast—an action one lawmaker is calling “a win for U.S. taxpayers.” The company was found to have close links to Beijing and admitted that China influences its business. The grant project aims to foster battery-making here in the United States.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Energy Dept. Rescinds $200M Grant for Microvast
  2. TikTok Sues Montana Over New Law Banning the App
  3. Chinese Nationals Sues Florida Over Property Purchase Ban
  4. Louisiana Weighs Banning Foreign Ownership of Land
  5. 150 House Republicans Criticize Epa Proposal
  6. Persecution of Faith Highlighted in Congress Hearing
  7. Amazon to Cancel App Store Services in China in July
  8. China Bans ‘Propaganda’ Signs at Foreign Embassies
  9. U.s. Signs Three Pacific Island Deals Amid China Influence
  10. Chinese Leader Xi: ‘A New Socialist Tibet’
  11. China Is a Expansionist System: Paskal

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