China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 24)

China is testing its ability to seize Taiwan. How is the United States responding to the massive drills encircling the island?

Tensions are also rising inside the island, as 85,000 people took to the streets in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital. They’re protesting a new law that could pave the way for more of Beijing’s influence on the island.

A Chinese spy goes public. He reveals the inner workings of Beijing’s global operation to maintain its power.

The rivalry between the free world and communist rule is appearing in Africa. President Joe Biden met with his counterpart from Kenya—a democratic country in Africa under heavy Chinese influence.

  1. China Tests Ability to “Seize” Taiwan
  2. U.S. Sends Carrier near Taiwan as China Drill Underway
  3. China’s Drills More Sophisticated Than Ever: Fischer
  4. Taiwan: Thousands Protest Parliament Changes
  5. Chinese Spy Reveals Tactic to Lure Dissidents Overseas
  6. U.S. Boosts Ties with African Ally Kenya
  7. Yellen: ‘Build a Wall of Opposition’ Against China
  8. Tech Expert: TikTok Threatens U.S. Public Interest
  9. Judge: Ex-U.S. Marine Can Be Extradited for Aiding CCP
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