China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 25)

Critical U.S. infrastructure has been infiltrated, all fingers pointing to state-sponsored Chinese hackers. Microsoft warns the attack singled out the U.S. island territory of Guam, raising national security concerns. But was Taiwan the intended target? Guam is the centerpiece of any U.S. military response to a Taiwan invasion. And it goes further: The United States and allies warn this could be happening globally.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Chinese Malware Hits Guam, Aiming for Taiwan?
  2. China Braces for the Next Wave of CCP Virus
  3. Biden Picks Next Joint Chiefs Chairman
  4. Bank of America to Reshuffle 40 Asia Bankers: Source
  5. Hong Kong Political Cartoonist Bids Farewell to 40-Year Column
  6. From Bowing to Mocking: China-Critic Comedian ‘Uncle Roger’ a Hit Online
  7. Chinese Salvage Ship Caught Looting WWII Wrecks
  8. Computer Maker Lenovo Hit by PC Demand Slump
  9. U.S. Shouldn’t Play Verbal Games with China Over Taiwan: Yates

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